March 1, 2017

In days when the Sun came from behind the clouds making all bloodsucking punks grudgingly crawl back into their liars, to Hillock-Warlock came migraine. There was no cure for it, except time. And that time was long and so painful that the warlock, who was relatively kind and nice, couldn’t help thinking about anything else but murdering someone. But he stood his pain and did not hurt a bug. Easing his migraine by calling the weather filthiest names he knew, H.W. huddled up in the darkest corner of his dwelling, applied a cold crystal ball to his temple and quietly moaned, listening to prophecies whispered sometimes from the crystal’s inky depth:

🔮 Now it’s time to tell you about the main characters from The Midnight Carol and their alter-egos. Of course the Poet will always be keeping a couple of amazing surprises for the end, but the main cast is not a secret anymore.

So, here is our first four heroes:

Lex — The Imp, a searcher and investigator
Jerry Lenin — Xavier, a bounty hunter, treasure hunter, booze hunter
Kirill Kachanov — The Gardener, a dark creature; gloom, grim and spooky
Anastasia Petrenko — Mora, a badass witch

Other guys are still in search of their voice. Althoght I think I’ve found a good match for half the characters (although not dead sure yet), the rest are still mute. Anyway, I think everyone gets their guardian angel in the end. 💕


What about the music?

As you can see, Mechanical Poet uses his original logo again. It doesn’t mean that The Midnight Carol… is going to be a second Handmade Essence or Woodland Prattlers, or any other Poet’s record.

It’s a bit similar to Woodland Prattlers to some extent, as The Midnight Carol… is also about forests, magic and dark creatures, but its music is more likely a blend between my instrumental album Music of Mistland, Luceria and the Ocean of Sunset: and some sort of solid, energetic, mesmerizing and beautiful atmospheric rock.


As for the plot and locations, they are based on a novel that I’m working on right now. Honestly speaking, this subject is too huge and deep to explain in a couple of sentences. I think it’d be better to publish a special news report about it next time. And who knows, maybe there will be even more singers announced by then.


March 6, 2017

Some misty woodlands far, far away… Heavy raindrops batter roofs of rundown houses, whose dwellers pensively stare through steamy windows at the middle of a town square, where something that was once witches and robbers caught the day before, slowly burns down at the stakes. The silent forest menacingly raises its clawed branches, and only a pack of hooting swamp scumbags hop around slimy roots and dirty puddles spinning the latest news from the Poet’s workshop:

The drums for The Midnight Carol That an Imp Has Sought — let’s simply call it “The Midnight Carol…” or “TMC” — will be recorded by Kirill Kachanov known as the ex-drummer of Russian alternative band Slot.

Almost all other instruments will be recorded by Lex Plotnikoff. Lex is also singing for one of the album’s main characters.

There are four main characters in the story, two boys and two girls. The female singers are yet to be confirmed, while the second male character is going to be preformed by an old member of the Mechanical Poet family, Jerry Lenin. Jerry and Lex will also provide voices for short interludes in the extended edition of The Midnight Carol.


March 1, 2017

After almost 8 years after his sudden disappearance we’ve got a new letter from the Poet .

His seventh Mechanical Poet’s album will be called The Midnight Carol That an Imp Has Sought. And it’s gonna be magical again.

P. S. A word from Lex. I don’t know who’s gonna be recording it besides myself. Most likely none from the Poet’s previous line-ups, all these guys live their own lives too far away from Mechanical Poet and all the hardwork that his music and lyrics require. I’ll probably do everythig on my own, yet there are too moany characters to handle for a one man. There will definitely be some guests. Anyway, the work has started. Happy spring, everyone!